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Comprehensive Prenatal Classes from a Lamaze Certified Professional

The birth experience can affect the health of both mother and child. It is crucial to understand the key elements that will impact this precious experience for you and your baby. At Birth Latch Love, we promote a six-step plan to a healthier birth. Spoiler alert: There’s no weird breathing technique. Just solid, evidence-based practices to walk you through the natural biological process of giving birth.

Our private childbirth classes are based on the Lamaze  Six Healthy Birth practices:

  1. Let labor start on its own

  2. Change positions throughout labor – walk, move around, be active

  3. Have a loved one, friend, or doula at the birth for continuous support

  4. Employ medical interventions only when absolutely necessary

  5. Follow your body’s natural urge to push, and don’t lie flat on your back

  6. Don’t separate mother and child at birth – the connection is essential for mother, child, and breastfeeding

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If you want the safest, healthiest delivery possible, these are the rules to live by. Your private childbirth class will cover each of these topics, explain why they are so important, and outline how you can apply them when the time comes for your baby to enter this world.

Once you have a deeper understanding of the natural biology behind giving birth, you will find yourself in a better place to confidently make informed choices during labor and delivery.

Please keep in mind that only private classes are offered at this time. Your home is an important scene for early labor!  Educating and training in your own environment will help you identify and utilize all the resources available to you. However, you also do have the option of online sessions.

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As an expectant mom, you are already insanely busy with a ton of demands on your time.

However, prenatal education is too important to the health of you and your baby. Online childbirth classes can help you to bridge the gap between your busy schedule and the needs of your unborn child.

Birth Latch Love is proud to have partnered up with Lamaze International to offer these online classes that can fit into your demanding schedule. Childbirth classes are vital for you and your partner as the day of the birth approaches. You will receive the education you in order to approach the delivery with confidence in this natural and beautiful process.  This online class covers all stages of pregnancy, labor and early parenting including:

•Prepared for Pregnancy

•Labor Pain Management 


•Breastfeeding Basics

•Newborn Care

Learn more and find out how classes at your convenience can work for you.  


You need to start thinking about and preparing for breastfeeding before you give birth.

Your child will want to feed by instinct. However, as a new mother, this isn’t an instinctual process for you. That is why breastfeeding classes are a must for all first time moms. In the course, you will learn how childbirth changes your body, what to expect in the hospital when your baby is handed to you for the first time, and how to make a success of breastfeeding when you bring your new baby home. What topics are covered?

  • How to manage your milk supply

  • How to feed your baby

  • The best feeding positions to ensure a good latch

  • Scheduling feeding times as well as observing cues from your baby

  • How much to feed your newborn

  • Proper pumping and storage of milk

  • Concerns regarding your return to work

When you are well educated regarding lactation and breastfeeding, you can better enjoy the beautiful connection that mother and child form during this natural process.

Private in-person or online lessons last approximately how 60-90 minutes and cost $100. Online classes require the use of FaceTime or Skype.

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